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Reece Leonetti, MA Oriental Medicine & LMT - Massage Therapy - Reiki - Acupuncture - Workshops
Welcome to Body Mind Energy Center! 
We have expanded our services to support our mission of raising the energetic vibrations in the Denver community.  We are now offering: 
Massage - Craniosacral - Acupuncture - Reiki - Yoga Classes - Foam Roller Classes & Enlightening Workshops for spiritual growth and self-healing. 

Book Your Session - Class - Workshop Below:


Rose tools for Women:
April 12th 
Meet Your Spirit Animal: 
April 26th
 10am - 12pm

Womens Holistic Group:
April 26th 
1:30-3:30 pm

Massage/Cranio-Sacral Therapy Rates
$45/30 minutes
$75/60 minutes
$85/75 minutes
$95/90 minutes 
Packages Available at a discounted rate.

  Reiki Benefits: 
Reiki is a healing method to help release "old" issues or trauma that are sometimes stored in the body emotionally or physically.  A Reiki practitioner works with the Chakra System to clear out old blocks that may be causing one to feel "stuck in life" or actually physically "stuck somewhere in the body".   This system of healing is especially good for people who suffer from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress), fibromyalgia or anyone undergoing a lot of stress, major changes in their life, or chronic pain.
Visualization techniques, guided meditations, affirmations, essential oils, Chinese Herbal Salves, Chinese Cupping method, and healing crystals are often used in the course of the session to assist in clearing the blockage.  This is a relaxing, releasing and usually an enlightening session that lasts 75 to 90 minutes.
photo by Daylene Wilson Photographic

Reiki Rates
$85/session (60 min)
$95/session (75 min)
$105/session (90 min)
Reiki can be included with a  
massage session upon request.
  Benefits of Acupuncture
Chinese medicine believes there is a distribution network for the fundamental substances of Qi (pronounced chee), Blood and Body Fluids throughout the body. (These fundamental substances are different from the common western understandings of these terms.) This distribution network called the Meridian System looks like a giant web, linking different areas of the body together. Its pathways make up a comprehensive yet complex body map that supplies vital energy to every part of the body. Philosophically, the Meridian System explains how we live, and why we become sick.
Understanding the Meridian System by water flow analogy
Since Qi and blood are mobile ,It is easier to understand the concept of meridians by comparing it to water flow.  When water flow down a mountain or a slope, it flows from high to low ground.  It will also follow the geographical terrain and collect in the most stable areas, such as a river.  Rivers maintain the natural laminar flow and kinetic energy of the water.  By avoiding turbulent flow, they provide the most efficient way of transporting water downstream.  As a result, the land surrounding the river is lush with vegetation and life because of the steady supply of fresh water.
In order to restore balance and harmony, it is necessary to resume the optimal flow of the river or Qi.  In the case of a river, the debris causing the blockage is removed and the riverbed is strengthened.  The harmony of the Meridian System is restored in our bodies by stimulating particular acupuncture points in the body.  In this way, the flow of qi is regulated and qi energy is distributed efficiently throughout the body again .
Acupuncture Rates
Some session may include massage therapy if applicable.
$120 First Session
$85/60 minutes
$95/75 minutes
$105/90 minutes
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