Advanced  Energy Healer Reece Leonetti, incorporates a plethora of techniques to help break old patterns of behavior and blockages. Each Advanced Energy Healing session is customized to meet your specific needs. We will sit down first to discuss exactly what the issues are in-depth and a table session will proceed. Clients are usually fully clothed unless specific blockages are found in the body/muscles and massage needs to be administered. Some techniques used in these powerful sessions include: Visualization and guided meditations, affirmations, essential oils, acupressure, Chinese Herbal Salves & Moxibusion, Chinese Cupping, past life reading, karmic clearing, healing crystals, vibrational sound healing, sage smudging, and energetic cord cutting to powerfully clear blockages on a very deep and  profound level. “Homework” and tools for practice will be “assigned” to help you progress on your healing path.

$125/60 - 75 minutes
$150/90 minutes
Long Distance Healing Sessions are also an option

Credit card required to hold your reservation. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Energy/Body Healing

Energy/Body Healing


Reiki is a healing method to help release "old" issues or traumas that are stored or trapped in the body or energetic field.  Reiki Master Practitioners work with the Chakra System and your energy bio-field to clear old blocks causing one to feel "stuck in life" or physically/emotionally "stagnant". 

  1. 60 minutes $95.00 !

  2. 75 minutes $115.00

    Credit card required to hold your reservation. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Reiki Healing

Massage - Deep-tissue, myofascial release, or acupressure style massage therapy will be individualized based on your level of pain or discomfort.

-Head, Neck, Shoulders, Face Treatments are great for TMJ Pain. Intra-oral massage techniques may be used to release tight and painful jaw muscles.

-Reflexology & General full body therapeutic massage also available

  1. 60 minutes $85.00

  2. 75 minutes $95.00

Credit card holds your reservation - discount will be applied after your session is complete.


Facial Cupping includes a stimulating yet deeply relaxing face, scalp, shoulder massage, acupressure and cupping to increase circulation, even and balance skin tone, and improve collagen production.  All natural products are used to cleanse and soften the skin.  Great facial rejuvenation for more youthful looking skin, chronic TMJ pain, clenching and headaches.

75 minutes $125.00 w/ Reece

Healing Space