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Advanced Energy Healing

Energy/Body Healing

Energy/Body Healing

Reece incorporates a plethora of techniques to help break old patterns of behavior and blockages. Some techniques or tools used in these sessions include: Visualization and guided meditations, affirmations, essential oils, acupressure, Chinese Herbal Salves & Moxibusion, Chinese Cupping, healing crystals, vibrational sound healing, sage, and energetic cord cutting to assist in clearing the blockage on a very deep and often times profound level.

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$125/60 minutes
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Massage therapy, Reiki, Reflexology
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Session Minutes

$85/60 minutes
$95/75 minutes
$115/90 minutes

Massage Therapy sessions are individualized sessions to meet your needs at your time of visit.  Deep-tissue, myofascial release, or acupressure style massage therapy based on your level of pain or discomfort.

Reiki is a healing method to help release "old" issues or trauma that are sometimes stored in the body emotionally or physically.  Experienced Reiki Practitioners work with the Chakra System to clear old blocks causing one to feel "stuck in life" or actually physically "stagnant". 

Reflexology is an ancient therapy by stimulation of pressure points on the head, hands, and feet in order to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body.   Direct pressure to these areas helps detoxify the system by releasing congestion and increasing circulation and lymph flow.  Other benefits include deep relaxation, stress and pain relief.

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