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Reiki classes are taught by Reiki Master Teacher Reece Leonetti. Classes are either small groups 6- 8 hours long or private sessions are 4 -5 hours long. To schedule private Reiki instruction or to find out when the next small group is scheduled please email Reece at for more information.

Reiki is instructed in 4 levels: Level I, II, III (Master Level) and IV (Master Teacher Level)

Reiki Level I Certification

Heal your trauma

Live, Love, & Learn:

  • How to clear old blocks or negative patterns in your life

  • The Chakra System

  • The Aura and it's layer and their meaning

  • The history of Reiki

  • How to use a Pendulum

  • How to muscle test the Chakras

  • Reiki & Nutrition

  • Self-Healing Reiki

Reiki Level II Certification

heal others

Live, Love, & Learn:

  • The Sacred Reiki Symbols

  • Essential Oils & Reiki

  • How to Protect yourself from Energy Transference

  • How to Smudge a space, your clients and your self

  • Long-Distance Reiki & Healing with a Proxy

  • Complete a Reiki Session

  • How to Begin Your Reiki Practice

reiki level iii certification

Live, Love, & Learn:

  • The Reiki Master Symbols

  • Energetic Attachment/Cord Cutting

  • Psychic Surgery

  • How to Create a Crystal Grid

  • How to Use Affirmations in your client Session

  • Sound Healing & other Advanced Healing Techniques

  • How to Master Your Reiki Practice

The Master Teacher Training Course - Live, Love, Learn, & Teach!

Receive your Master Reiki Certification to Teach Reiki. Once you complete all three levels you can complete the Master Teacher Level by taking a private or small class 4 hours $385

  • Learn How to Attune Others to Reiki

  • Learn the Master Teacher Symbol

  • Marketing Tools

  • Basic Business Concepts

  • How to Start Your Website

  • How to Personalize & Design your Class Structure

  • How to lead a Guided Meditation

    Each course is taught by Reiki Master Teacher Reece Leonetti on an individual basis (private class) or in a small group. Classes are each 4 - 5 hours long. Levels I, II, III are $300 each. Master Teacher Level is $385. Package deal for all classes if purchased at same time $1000.

Office location: 6565 W Jewell Ave #1E Lakewood, CO 80232
email Reece for more information: