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Phone/Video Spiritual Counsel & Energy Healing Sessions

Long-distance healing sessions are another way to receive energy healing work.  Reece is able to powerfully adjust and fine-tune your energy field through time and space to help you shed years of accumulated trauma from the past.  Proxy-healing sessions are incredibly powerful and effective. She is able to authentically tap into your energy field and clear out blocks in the different layers of your aura, chakras and meridians to help you quickly move forward in life.  Different tools will be utilized in these transformative sessions such as guided meditations, grounding exercises, qi gong, tapping, sound tuning, affirmations and more, depending on what is uniquely channeled for you. A full client intake form will be emailed to you prior to these sessions. A deep assessment of your life trauma & experiences will be evaluated and cleared energetically to help release the stuck energy in your body and energetic field. A 30-35 minute session or a 60 - 75 minute session will be spent on either the phone or a video call. Homework exercises such as affirmations and meditations will be assigned to help you keep your mind and body in balance.

*Please note: Reece Leonetti is a trained Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist and holds her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine. She is not trained or licensed as a psychotherapist. She has worked since 2002 as a massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. In 2010 she completed her training in Eastern Medicine from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine.


Free phone consultation 5 minutes
$55.00 for 30-35 minutes
$125.00 FOR 60-70 MINUTES

How does long-distance energy healing work?  Please follow this link to Huffington Post article of an interview of Bruce Lipton author of "Biology of Belief".  Or go to my Reiki Online page to understand the mechanics of long-distance healing.

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