Retreat Testimonials

“I was stuck in life and getting sick regularly until I found Reece and the Mind Body Energy Center online. To say she helped heal and empower me is an understatement. I first visited her in Colorado for an advanced energy healing session and it was such a positive experience for me that I went on to attend her retreat in Sedona. I now feel healthy, happy, and excited about life and my future path. I owe my deepest gratitude to Reece. She truly cares about helping heal others and teaching them the skills to empower themselves to create a brighter existence. I give a strong recommendation for Reece’s services for anyone who wants to have a more positive, healthy and loving experience in this life.” Tess A., Boulder, CO

"Reece is a very knowledgeable, centered, calm and grounded instructor and the retreat location was beyond words, incredible and blew away any expectations I had. Incredibly private, beautiful, and a wonderful place to focus and recenter." L.D., Denver

"Reece is an amazing teacher. She has an ability to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. Her gifts as a healer and a teacher are exceptional! She is able to read the class and know how to be flexible with everyone's needs. She is very caring and non-judgemental. I highly recommend any retreat or class that Reece is conducting. This retreat was truly life-changing!" M.H., Minneapolis

"Reece Leonetti has a teaching style that not only reflects her depth of the knowledge of the material in which she is teaching but does so in a manner that creates an environment very conducive to the learning process. The material is presented in a clear, understandable manner with examples that illustrate the concepts. The pace was set well, with adequate opportunity for questions and more in-depth discussion of concepts. Her teaching style, curriculum, practice sessions, and manual provided supported and exceeded the goals and expectations of the Retreat. Her awareness of individual and group dynamics created and provided a safe, cohesive supportive environment for learning and personal growth. I definitely have a clear knowledge of Reiki and with further practice I will develop a level of skill competency that I will always reflect back to the experience I had at this Retreat. I cannot wait to attend another Retreat offered by Reece and I cannot wait to buy the book she will be writing. If it is of the same quality, which I’m sure it will be, as her Retreat style it will be a definite success and contribute to promoting competent Reiki practice and overall healing. Thank you. It was an honor to study with you and the group you brought together." C.S., New Jersey