Free Forest Bath Meditation

Free Forest Bath Meditation

Reiki, Massage and Advanced Energy Work

"Amazing massage and energy work!  I have worked with massage therapists around the country and have not met anyone else with Reece's broad knowledge base and healing hands. Her combination of talents with energy work, trigger point release, and massage techniques make for one of the most relaxing and therapeutic sessions every time. I highly recommend Reece to anyone who wants a wonderfully healing experience!" Mike, Denver, CO

"Love her energy.  Since I myself do energy work, I am very sensitive to what people are doing in my energy field.  Reece is so great in that she really knows herself and has done a lot of work on herself and therefore didn't leave any of her "stuff" in my space while working on me.  I came away refreshed and clear.  I will be returning." James Pinkel / The Path Lighter
"I've been going to Reece for reiki/massage for a couple of years now, and it has been a life changing experience.  She is so good at helping you focus on positive affirmations that help manifest your goals, and the reiki clears away bad energy that keeps you from being your best.  Reece is truly an amazing healer.  I highly recommend her and her practice!" A. N., Denver, CO


Online Reiki Class Reviews

Title: Fantastic Course!

Comment: Loved this course- very informative! I feel I am ready to take on client practice of Reiki! Loved the videos and homework sections as well! Highly recommend!

Rated: 5 out of 5

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