Can YOU learn Reiki?  YES!

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that absolutely ANYONE can learn!  It is a method of learning, first and foremost, how to heal yourself.  By learning to release old issues that may be burdening you from the past, you are able to feel much lighter, happier and free to do the things that you never thought you could possibly do.  Reiki works by releasing layers of stuck energy from your auric field, chakra system, meridian system or the physical body.  Stuck energy in the physical body is often found in the area of the joints such as knees, elbows, hips and ankles.  Reiki works on a cellular level to help align your energy centers so that you can become the best and most complete version of yourself!

Reiki is taught at BME Center by Reece Leonetti in 4 classes.  The first class is all about healing yourself.  You will learn about the Chakra System, Nutrition and Self-Care techniques such as Qi Gong and Meditation.  You will receive your very own pendulum and learn how to use it in addition to how to muscle test the chakras and meridians.  The second class is all about healing others, while protecting yourself from energetic transference.  You will learn tools to protect your energy, how to feel the energy layers of the auric field, and how to heal others with the practices of Reiki (hands-on or hands-off the body techniques). Long Distance Reiki is also taught in the second degree of Reiki.  The third class is all about healing others on a deeper level and projecting that healing energy to the world and how to accomplishing your own personal goals by aligning with your source of power.  

Reiki is a wonderful compliment for other healing modality practitioners such as Yoga instructors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, M.D's, Psychotherapists, etc, but it is also great for one beginning their journey into spirituality or the healing arts field.

Classes are set up to teach students of all levels and knowledge bases to learn together cohesively in a very fun and very healing learning environment.  Many people experience a deeper "awakening" of themselves and consider it to be a life changing class!

Any specific questions regarding registration or the class structure please email Reece at